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13 Jan 2013
Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes are now becoming available in garden centres etc. Don't wait too long before getting in your seed tubers......(more)

13 Jan 2013
The supply of peat
The wet weather during 2012 has restricted the supply of peat for the coming season and as a result prices for peat-based growing media (multi-purpose composts etc) will probably increase......(more)

Fantasy Gardening is a novel approach to learning about garden plants and the products and growing methods used by gardeners.

It features:

Fantasy Gardening is about 'games' with plants, how they grow and how to get the best out of them. We put plants, products and methods to the test (for example, comparing fertilisers, composts etc) and challenge you to predict the results. In some cases a particular challenge may be sponsored and run as a competition in collaboration with a publication with prizes awarded to those making the most accurate predictions.

Fantasy Gardening is for gardeners who understand that plants are complex and growth can be affected by many factors. Our findings will normally be summarized in the form of tips and recommendations and we may leave you with a few questions which the results raise – these may of course form the basis for future trials. However, the general intention is to cover topics in some detail and avoid ‘dumbing down’.

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