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13 Jan 2013
Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes are now becoming available in garden centres etc. Don't wait too long before getting in your seed tubers......(more)

13 Jan 2013
The supply of peat
The wet weather during 2012 has restricted the supply of peat for the coming season and as a result prices for peat-based growing media (multi-purpose composts etc) will probably increase......(more)

Bacopa 'Flower Power'

The catchy phrase 'flower power' is often used in advertising to draw attention either to products which improve the flowering of plants or to plants which produce spectacular blooms or large numbers of flowers. A good example of a plant producing large numbers of flowers is Bacopa, especially the small-flowered varieties. We thought it would be interesting to carry out a very simple trial to see just how many flowers Bacopa can produce in a normal southern UK growing season.

A Bacopa 'Snowflake' plug was planted in a plastic pot, 19 cm (7.5 inches) diameter x 15 cm (6 inches) deep, using a branded multi-purpose compost mixed with a controlled-release fertiliser. The plant was kept on a bench in good light in an unheated greenhouse throughout the spring, summer and autumn (of 2007) and watered as required. Soluble fertiliser was added in one watering in late July.

The small white flowers were removed and counted as they appeared.

[At this stage you might like to take a guess at the number of flowers you think can be produced between April and end October by a single Bacopa Snowflake grown under these conditions]

So just how many flowers did a single Bacopa Snowflake produce? To find out the end-of-month TOTAL flower counts just move your mouse over the pictures on the right. April image May image June image
July image August image September image October image

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