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13 Jan 2013
Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes are now becoming available in garden centres etc. Don't wait too long before getting in your seed tubers......(more)

13 Jan 2013
The supply of peat
The wet weather during 2012 has restricted the supply of peat for the coming season and as a result prices for peat-based growing media (multi-purpose composts etc) will probably increase......(more)


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Q2 - What was Levington Plant Protection Compost and is a similar product currently available?

LPPC was a compost containing an insecticide which would be absorbed by plants for the control of certain insect pests.

Growing media with an incorporated insecticide are only currently available for use by professional growers.

Q1 - Multipurpose and other composts/growing media can sometimes be found at discounted prices at the end of the season or you can have product left over from the summer. Can I store these discounted or leftover products over winter for use next spring?

Most 100% peat-based products should store for 6 months or longer without deterioration if stored in dry conditions avoiding extreme temperatures. Peat-reduced products may deteriorate to some degree. Peat-free products are most likely to change especially under warm wet conditions depending on the bulk and nutrient materials used in the manufacture of the product. So:

  • peat-based products should not degrade significantly over a period of 6 – 12 months. Products based on other materials, especially composted green waste, are more likely to change and should be used as soon as possible.
    - use up peat-free and peat-reduced products first and preferably within 5/6 months of purchase.
  • if possible store all media under cover and avoid long term exposure to direct hot sunlight.
  • do not buy product which feels wet and over weight and check for any unpleasant odour.
  • bags usually show a manufacturer’s code and if you give them a call they should be able to tell you when the product was made.
  • if in doubt about the quality of a particular bag of growing medium try a simple test by placing a sample in a small pot or seed tray, sow a few quick-germinating seed such a radish, moisten and keep in a warm place. If possible have a check for comparison using a recently- purchased product. Let the seedlings develop their first true leaves to make sure you are testing the compost and not just the seed germination.

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