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13 Jan 2013
Seed Potatoes
Seed potatoes are now becoming available in garden centres etc. Don't wait too long before getting in your seed tubers......(more)

13 Jan 2013
The supply of peat
The wet weather during 2012 has restricted the supply of peat for the coming season and as a result prices for peat-based growing media (multi-purpose composts etc) will probably increase......(more)

Early potatoes in containers - results

The weight and number of new potatoes produced by the different varieties were as follows (ranked in order of yield):

Ranking Variety Yield (gm) Relative yield Number of tubers Average wt/tuber (gm)
566 100 17 33
2 Wilja (2E) 547 97 28 20
3 Maris Bard 470 83 14 34
4 Rocket 460 81 15 31
5 Casablanca 456 80 12 38
6 Red Duke of York 447 79 13 34
7 Pentland Javelin 442 78 25 18
8 Novella 388 69 11 35
9 Homeguard 348 61 25 14
10 Maris Peer (2E) 275 49 17 16

2E = Second Earlies

  1. Swift was number 1 producing 566 gm (about 1lb 4oz) of good-sized potatoes.       
  2. Wilja, a second-early, came second with 547 gm but with the highest number of potatoes, suggesting that waiting another week or two to the correct harvest date would have resulted in an even greater yield.
  3. Homeguard produced a good number of potatoes but with the lowest yield of the first early varieties.
  4. Two newer varieties, Casablanca and Novella, produced the largest/heaviest potatoes.
  1. On the basis of the results from just this single trial, Swift and Wilja look the best candidates for growing in bags or containers.
  2. Using a single tuber in each bag with 7 litres of compost per bag, kept under glass when necessary, offers an easy, flexible and low cost method of growing early potatoes, Bags and containers can be re-used. It might even be possible to re-use the compost by the addition of appropriate fertiliser – something to look at later.
  3. Yields will have been affected by the method and materials used to grow the plants, the time of harvest and the conditions under which the trial was carried out. Different conditions etc may produce a different result.


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